ASP.NET tutorial

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ASP and ASP.NET mean Active Server Pages.


ASP was introduced by Microsoft in 1998. Basically, on an HTML web page, an ASP script (written in Visual Basic) is introduced. It is executed by the server, and the result is displayed along with the web page in the browser.
In this case, the web page will have the .asp extension and will include the ASP script (VB code).


ASP.NET is the successor to ASP technology and was created in 2002. ASP.NET scripts are written in C # language and inserted into HTML pages between tags <% si %>.
Web pages will have the .aspx extension.

If we want to create a website using ASP.NET technology, we will have to host it on a server that serves this kind of pages. Typically, web servers are dedicated: some for PHP pages, others for ASP.NET, others for JSP.

Examples of ASP.NET scripts running on web pages.

Insert a text into the web page:

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