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Android phone passwords are sometimes useful, but can be bypassed easily.

We will discuss here about Android mobile phones.
It can happen to set a password or pattern to lock the screen and then watch it. What can we do in this case.
If the phone is relatively new and we do not have many important data or images saved, we can opt for a simple bypass method of the lock screen but with partial or total loss of data in the phone.
If the data contained in it is very important to us, we will opt for a method of recovering the lock pattern or password, or even disabling them, so that the data remains secure.
There are many ways to solve the problem.

Factory reset.

This option is very simple and will remove the pattern or password set to lock the screen.
- First we'll switching off the phone.
- Press and hold the power button and the volume buttons together when the screen goes black.The Android bootloader menu will pop up. Select the “Recovery mode” option by pressing the power button. Use volume button to switch between various options.


- Wipe the data or choose factory reset after moving into the recovery mode and reboot the device. By doing so, at startup it will no longer have the password or screen pattern and will open correctly.


But the phone returned to default factory settings and all of our data was deleted.

Using ADB Android Tool (in Linux).

This method will delete the file containing the password or screen lock pattern.
- Start Kali Linux and open the Terminal. First we will install ADB Android Tool using the command:

#sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

The pattern file is: data/system/gesture.key. And the one with the lock screen passwords has the .key extension. To delete these files, we will type in Terminal:

#adb devices
#adb shell
#cd data/system
#rm *.key

Now, reset your phone and start without password or screen lock pattern. In case you will see a gesture pattern grid or password after resetting, don’t worry just enter a random password and pattern and it should unblock.
In this case, all data will remain intact.

Using Android Lock Screen Removal (Dr.Fone)

- Download the Dr Fone application and install it on a Windows PC.
- We connect the PC with your phone using a USB cable. Start the Dr. Fone application and click More Tools. The Android Lock Screen Removal icon will appear.


- We will click on the icon and we will notice that our phone has been found.


- We will click the start button and delete the password or screen lock pattern.


- We will restart the phone and will start without password or screen lock pattern.

Finding pattern using Android Pattern Lock Cracker.

The screen lock pattern is saved in /data/system/gesture.key. It is set by drawing a diagram over the 9 balls (0-8).


- First, insert a micro SD card into your Android phone, reset your phone and start it in Recoery Mode (pressing the power and volume button).
- We select Backup user data from Recovery Mode. The userdata_xxxx_xxxxxx.backup file will be created on the SD card.
We will start Kali Linux, and we will copy this file to Desktop. Then we open the Terminal and access Desktop.


Now, we will convert the data from the file into a known Linux archive.


We will create the backup folder on Desktop.


We will unpack backup data in this directory.


We will call the androidpatternlock program.


We will run the python script ( that will recover the pattern set in the gesture.key file.


Thus, screen lock pattern has been found.

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